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RST Projekte




Produkt Kunde
VMK II "Video Mark II" for ISS Astrium HB
HDVCA "HD - Video Camera Assembly" on ISS with STS - 134 Astrium HB
Ariane 5ME - Small Lines, Design, Analysis, Test and Production Airbus DS HB
NGSAR - MGSE incl. MIF, transport container, div. handling systems Airbus DS FHN
SARah - EGSE Propulsion Simulator SCOE OHB
Jasson - CS PISA Platform Interface Simulator Assembly  Airbus DS FHN
Software component test for star, rendevous and docking sensors Jena Optronik
Agile sofware development for mission planning Airbus DS FHN
Redesign and optimization of software modules for EGNOS testbed Airbus DS OTN