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A350 Virtual Reality Simulator

RST Rostock System-Technik and its partner PACE, a TXT company, have joined their forces to develop innovative virtual reality training solutions for airline cabin crews. The partnership enhances RST’s portfolio of aircraft physical cabin trainers and leverages PACE’s expertise to provide realistic and interactive virtual learning experiences for future flight and cabin crews.

The ready-for-training A350 Digital Door Trainer is an innovative solution to enhance today’s A350 training experience. Mock-up based cabin crew training is now empowered by a full digital solution which supports Android / iOS mobile and Virtual Reality systems.

This digital solution replicates high quality realistic and interactive door area and door training tasks for your current A350 Door Trainer by RST. The extensive virtual trainer performs cabin crew tasks with your students which include:

  • Door element familiarization
  • Standard Opening & Closing procedures
  • Emergency operations

The door trainer leverages your virtual training experience with beneficial features such as on-site and remote training evaluation, task advancement tracking, instructor collaboration, etc. You will achieve efficient over-the-shoulder coaching for your students whilst optimizing occupancy rate of physical trainers.

Experience the Virtual A350 Door Trainer Simulation here by watching the following videos:

Please contact us for more information about our VR activities together with PACE.